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Chota Bheem Hurdle Race New Game

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Chota Bheem Treasure Hunt Game

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Chota Bheem and chutki cooking game

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Chota Bheem Basketball Game

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Pogo Chota Bheem Skate Boarding Game

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3D Tennis Game

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Battle Chess Game

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Dutchman Dash Game

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Street Sesh - A 3D Skate Board Game

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Snow Boarder XS

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Electric Man

Electric Man - Use your fighting skills and beat the enemy

Play Stick Cricket Game Online

Stick Cricket

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Urban Sniper 4

Urban Sniper is back for the 4th episode. Take on the role of a hired hitman and take out the target. Everything from taking down corrupt cops to taking out cats in a junk yard. Watch out for the twist coming near the end. None stop shooter, action with a story twist that will pull at your heart strings

Controls   :  Use the mouse to pickup the gun. Spacebar to aim and left click shoots.

Zuma Games

Screenshoot,Controls, Description and Info about Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe are the most entertaining game,rules are simple, you must form 3 balls same color. It can be played for free online on many websites and can be purchased for various platforms, including PDAs, mobile phones and iPod. The version was updated, called Zuma Deluxe, is available for Windows, Mac OS X. Play zuma game now!

zuma games

Chhota Bheem: Bheem vs Aliens

The fourth movie of Chhota Bheem was Bheem vs Aliens was a fictional animated movie by greengold animation. The story describe bravery and loyalty of Chhota Bheem . After this movie chhota bheem games come out in market like cricket game of chhota bheem.

Chhota Bheem: Bheem vs Aliens


The film opens with Earth being shown under attack by Aliens, and none of its defensive maneuvers being any match for the superior alien technology. The kingdom of Kothakpur and Pehelwanpur are attacked and reduced to rubble. Dholakpur too suffers a similar fate. The king of Dholakpur, Induverma, and the princess Indumati, are abducted by the aliens.
Bheem and his friends are shown playing a Twenty20 cricket match against their rival team lead by Kichak from Pehelwanpur. Bheem's team scores 115/2 from 20 overs, aided by a strong innings from their skipper Bheem. In return, Kichak's team scores 109/4; with 6 runs needed to even the scores. Kichak hits a lofty shot in the air, but before the ball could land, it is destroyed by a laser beam from an alien vessel.
The aliens continue their rampage, setting a majority the nearby huts and trees on fire. Instead of fleeing, Bheem decides to confront them, and call them out. The leader of the aliens, Kyto reveals that they are from the planet Zekan, and they have come to take control over earth. On Bheem's persuasion, he decides to give earth a chance. Kyto says that the following day, they would have a competition- Bheem and his friends would have to face the aliens in a game of 'Plutocket', where if Team Prithvi (earth) wins, the aliens would leave their planet alone. However, if the Zekans win, earth would be theirs forever.
Bheem and his friends are joined by Kichak's team, but are faced with a major problem of having no idea about how the game Plutocket is played. One of Kichak's friends, Motu, informs that the aliens are practicing nearby. Upon spying on their practice, Bheem and his friends learn that Plutocket is actually what the Zekans refer to Cricket, and realize that they might actually stand a chance. Team earth is formed; Bheem, Raju, Kichak, Kalia, Dholu, Bholu, Jaggu, Chutki, Manna, Motu, and Poptya are selected as the final eleven.
On the day of the match, the arriving aliens are confronted by team earth. Team earth wins the toss and chooses to bat. With Bheem leading from the front, and fueled by contributions from Kichak and Chutki, they manage to put 117 runs on the board after 20 overs, at the loss of 9 wickets. Team Zekan's batting starts aggressively, with their openers Liska and Peptik troubling earth's bowlers with their weird batting styles. Bheem observes that each of the aliens have some definite characteristic, which they can take advantage of. Shortly thereafter, they bounce back in the game and manage to send a handful of Zekanians like Bagel, Puro, and Dilo back into the pavilion. However, Kyto remains not out, and continues to fight through his innings, completing his half century. At the end of 19 overs, Zekans are at 102, requiring 16 runs off the last over. They hit a six off the first ball to ease the pressure, but team earth manages to hold them within the walls. With 6 runs required off the last ball to win the match, having 1 wicket in hand, Kyto hits the balls high in the air. Dholu and Bholu are the fielders running towards the ball, and on the verge of colliding with each other. Surprisingly, they pull off an exceptional double team move to take the catch and dismiss Kyto, thus winning the match for their team and their planet.
According to the deal, Kyto sets free the king and the princess. King Induverma and Kyto agree upon peace relations between the two planets in the future, and the Zekanians leaves earth in peace. The next day, Kalia is shown bragging to Dholu and Bholu about the aliens, saying some of them are not so bad after all. Jaggu drops from the tree wearing an alien mask and asks What do you think about me?, which is enough to have the three running on their heels. Bheem and his friends have laugh at the sight, as the film comes to an end.


  • Bheem : A brave 9-year old boy, Bheem is the main protagonist of the movie. He is known to always help people in need, in the town of Dholakpur. When everyone else was either defeated or too scared to face the aliens, Bheem stepped forward and confronted them. He formed a cricket team which went on to defeat the aliens in their own game.
  • Kyto : The leader of the aliens; he aims to take control over planet earth. He was the captain of Team Zekan during the match.
  • Raju : A 7-year old boy, and Bheem’s best friend. He stays by Bheem’s side in all of his endeavors.
  • Chutki : Another friend of Bheem’s, she is the only female in the circle.
  • Jaggu : A talking monkey, also from Bheem’s friend circle.
  • Kalia Pehelwan : An 11-year old obese bully, Kalia gets into all sorts of trouble along with his sidekicks Dholu and Bholu. He joins Bheem in his quest.
  • Kichak : An athlete from Pehelwanpur, Kichak is an arch-rival of Bheem and his friends. He joins Bheem's team in its cricket match against the aliens.

Chhota Bheem and Krishna: Pataliputra- City of the Dead

Chhota Bheem & Krishna : Pataliputra- City of the Dead was third movie of Chhota Bheem. The special effects in this movie were considered impressive and were praised by children and grown-ups alike. As par interview 9.2 crores was spent on special effects, making this movie one of the most expensive movies of its genre.
Chhota Bheem & Krishna: Pataliputra- City of the Dead
Chhota Bheem & Krishna: Pataliputra- City of the Dead


The dilapidated city of pataliputra wears a haunted look with withering trees & cattle, crumbling buildings, vultures looming in the sky & the painted faces of the few surviving inhabitants. Krishna arrives in dholakpur, unannounced and goes straight to meet Bheem. Krishna asks for his help. Bheem & team readily agree and the next morning they all the set off towards Pataliputra. Kalia, Dholu & Bholu also sneak in with them.
Once they reach Pataliputra, They find everything strange . The people are scared and refuse to talk. In the night , they discover that the men actually turn into dead people. The team is thoroughly scared & confused. On persistence, they ger to know the story about the king and soothsayer from the people of the village. They also get to meet the royal siblings who are unfriendly & rude to them.
The soothsayer is the one who controls the royal siblings and the entire city of Pataliputra. Lord Krishna & Bheem Propose to meet him, but are turned down. They later lern that there is a ritual to be performed on the full moon night to save Pataliputra from the curse? Who is the soothsayer? How does Bheem help lord Krishna? Will the people of Pataliputra see the smile of a beautiful day again ? Watch to find out!

The movie was written by Nidhi Anand, directed by Rajiv Chilaka, and produced by P. Ramesh.

Chhota Bheem & Ganesh Animated movie

The second movie of chhota bheem was with little master and king of cartoon Ganesh. This movie was so famous with children. 

Plot :-
Dholakpur is suddenly attacked by two fire spitting dragon monsters. As they spew fire and create havoc, King Inderaverma places the responsibility of saving his kingdm on the mighty Chhota Bheem`s shoulders. Meanwhile, Bheem and his friends save a mouse`s life, who happens to be a mushik, Lord Ganesh`s companion mouse. But due to some unfortunate events, Mushik is taken away by the dragons. Lord Ganesh comes down on earth to help his companion. He and Bheem pair-up against the dragons to save humanity. 


  • Bheem
  • Ganesh
  • Mushak
  • Chutki
  • Raju
  • Jaggu
  • Kalia
  • Dholu-Bholu

Chhota Bheem and ganesh movie video 

Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna Movie

The first movie of Chhota Bheem series is Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna. It is a first animated movie with two big characters of Chhota bheem and Krishna. 

 PLOT :-

The movie opens with the massive army of Bhotakpur ready to battle. Their injured spy hurriedly arrives to inform them that the devil himself is coming their way. The commander shows immense bravery and commands his army to forge ahead, but within seconds he is killed by a huge dark figure who reveals himself as Kirmada. The king accepts defeat, but Kirmada says he should have done that earlier, and kills him. Terrified, the army flees.
King Induverma is seated at his court with Bheem and his ministers, when a messenger of Kirmada arrives. He says Kirmada has ordered Induverma to open Dholakpur's gates the next day and accept defeat, the failure to do which shall seal their fate. Unmoved by his threatening, Bheem says that the next day, just like any other day, Dholakpur would wake up independent. The messenger storms off, saying they would regret it later.
The next day, the army of Dholakpur arrives to battle, but to their surprise, there is no army to confront them. Bheem goes to consult the sorceress, who gifts him a magical sword, using which he would be able to defeat Kirmada. Bheem returns to the battlefield and uses the sunlight reflected from the sword to expose Kirmada's army. The battle commences; the army of Dholakpur gains an upper hand with Bheem leading from the front against Kirmada. But as soon as the sun sets, Dholakpur's army loses momentum and king Induverma is captured. Bheem is forced to surrender his sword, he and the surviving army are taken as prisoners of war. Bheem is offered to join Kirmada's army in return for his freedom, but he flatly refuses. He and his friends are sent to the dungeon where they would be fed only once in two days. They manage to fool a guard and steal a metal plate from him, using which they dig a way out of the dungeon, during the course of the next two days. While Bheem, his friends, and the general escape, Kalia, Dholu and Bholu fail to escape in time and they are captured. Bheem and his friends take refuge in a forest. They visit the sage for help, who narrates the history of Kirmada, and instructs Bheem and his friends to pray to Lord Krishna, who would surely help them.
A few days have passed, but everything is still the same. Bheem gets tired of the same old routine and goes away to be alone for a while. When he is back, he finds his friends unconscious from consuming some toxic fruits. He hurries to fetch a doctor, but finds his way blocked by a herd of sheep and their shepherd, who reveals himself as Kanha. Bheem tries to fight him out his way, but almost falls off the cliff in the process. Kanha saves Bheem, and says he can save his friends as well. He uses some wild herbs to cure them, and humbly requests to join their circle. Resurrected, they resume their training with their new friend Kanha. Jaggu sees a small group of Kirmada's soldiers heading their way, whom they defeat easily. Kanha sets off to rescue Kalia, Dholu and Bholu (who were earlier sentenced to being fed to the lions, for refusing to disclose Bheem's refuge hideout location). Kanha instructs Kalia to rescue King Induverma, princess Indumati and the soldiers in prison the following day, and lower the flag on the fort when they have completed their task.
With Kanha's blessings, Kalia is able to complete his job rather easily. On the other side, Bheem, his friends and Kanha are facing the massive army of Kirmada. Bheem is asked to accept defeat by Kirmada, but at exactly the same time Kalia completes his task and lowers the flag. Kirmada's army is attacked by Dholakpur's army and is defeated with ease. Kirmada goes underground and brings along a Brahmastra given to him by the devil. He hurls the weapon towards Bheem, but Kanha gets in the way. The Brahmastra on coming in contact with Kanha, turns into a garland around his neck. Kanha towers above everyone else in the battlefield, and reveals himself as Lord Krishna. On his command, Bheem finishes off Kirmada using the chariot wheel as Lord Krishna's Sudarshana chakra. The film ends with Krishna telling the viewers that whenever there is injustice and wrongdoing in the world, he will be there. All that needs to be done is remember him, just like Bheem and his friends did.

Chota Bheem And The Throne of Bali Trailer

The film stars Bheem, Arjun, Chutki, Indumati, Raju, Rangda (from TV Series) in leading roles 

The music of the film is composed by Sunil Kaushik, and the film is slated to release on May 3, 2013. 

Synopsis :
On an invitation from the King of Bali, Bheem & his friends head out to Bali to attend the crowning ceremony of their Prince. On their way, Raja Indraverma tells them about beautiful Bali, and the kids are super excited to visit this land of unlimited landscapes. But before they can reach Bali, the kingdom is captured by evil Rangda who also arrests the king & queen of Bali. However the little Crown Prince manages to escape and alliances with Bheem to take on Rangda, the evil witch who wants to rule Bali. 

Rangda is a very powerful villain, and has 'Leyaks' as her army who cause destruction and disease among the people and animals. Now, it is upto Bheem and his friends along with the Prince to take on fight and defeat the evil witch. 

Experience the never told before story with lot of fun gags, amazing visuals and soothing music in a theatre near you, this summer.

Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali movie Trailer

Chota Bheem And Throne Of Bali Movie Preview

Green Gold production presents, CHOTA BHEEM AND THRONE OF BALI TRAILER, an animated film, which is produced and directed by Rajiv Chilaka. The film is based on the popular animated TV series 'Chota Bheem' 
Chota Bheem And Throne Of Bali Movie Preview
Chota Bheem and Throne of bali movie


Known for his bravery and strength, can Chhota Bheem rescue the people of Bali from the black magic of evil witch Rangda?

Critic's Review

Bheem Bheem Bheem, Chhota Bheem Bheem Bheem...the song was an anthem of sorts for all the kids who showed up for the morning show of this film!
They giggled when Bheem gulped down his favourite laddoos and even clapped when he punched the bad guys. Immensely popular on TV as well, the Chhota Bheem franchise has become one of the most popular animation series in India and rightly so. The characters are adorable. There is enough and more humour that can entertain people of all age groups and the story-telling keeps you hooked.
As far as story is concerned, as we all know, Bheem's biggest power is his strength and this film too revolves around it. He plays a saviour once again. This time, he takes up a task of saving the people of Bali from the clutches of cruel witch Rangda who wants to destroy their god to become the mightiest. On the other hand, Bali's Prince Arjun seeks revenge from the witch as she holds his parents, the king and the queen captive. Bheem and his friends Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia, Dholu-Bholu promise to support Arjun. Can the tiny gang win the battle?
Just over two hours, the film does not drag or sound preachy unlike most other Indian animation films based on mythological characters. The director keeps his story-telling simple and sweet. There are no unnecessary characters. Songs take the story forward and add to the fun. The epic war towards the end too is nicely executed.
Most importantly, the animation quality is way better than its Indian contemporaries. It's a perfect vacation film for kids. You too can accompany them. The film will make you smile.

New York Taxi License

time to earn your taxi drivers license. Follow the instructor and drive safe in order to get your ticket to a new job.

Arrow keys to drive

Heli support game

Heli Support is here. Use the chopper to build a path for the tanks and other army vehicles. Not much point in having war machines, if they can't even get to the action. Build your way through 12 challenging levels, all with varying difficulty. Picking up blocks and bridge parts and putting them down in a way the vehicles can cross, in this fun army physics game.

A and S to drop magnets, Q and W to take them back up and mouse to fly.

Play Angry Birds Rio Game Online

Play Angry Birds Rio brought to you by Play Online Games At Ezzal

How to play Angry Birds Rio game :
The addicting and popular iPhone game Angry Birds Rio is also now a flash game! Just when you thought they couldn’t get any angrier, the Angry Birds flock gains new cause for vengeance. Swept away by smugglers to Rio di Janeiro, their captors soon find out that these caged birds don’t sing. It’s time to bring back their unique brand of weaponry–the finger-powered slingshot–and launch the newest adventure in the world’s most popular physics-based casual game.

Doraemon Photo Gallery and Wallpaper

Doraemon Photo Gallery 

Doraemon and Nobita is so famous cartoon in children. so we collect some picture for you and hoping you will like it. 
If you have any suggestion and any enquiry then you can email me . Which games you want to play on this site so tell me , i will try my best to add games of your choice . thanks everyone. 


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